Acts Fellowship is a group of Chinese speaking, energetic and young people who are currently working in different job fields. We meet once a week on Friday night from 7:30pm to 9:30pm. We have all sorts of different types of programs each week, such as sharing, workshops, games and many more! More importantly, we will have at least one Bible study per month, to learn more about God’s Word.

日期 Date 週會內容 Program Name
7/8/2016 齊燒烤 BBQ
7/15/2016 查考聖經 Bible study – 何西阿書 Hosea
7/22/2016 齊分享 Sharing
7/29/2016 主題式查考聖經 Bible Study – topical
8/6/2016 Sat 跩單車 Biking tour (7am – 1pm)
8/12/2016 查考聖經 Bible study – 何西阿書 Hosea
8/19/2016 夏季外出活動 Summer outing
8/26/2016 主題式查考聖經 Bible Study – topical
9/2/2016 使徒外遊 Acts Getaway Trip
9/9/2016 查考聖經 Bible study – 何西阿書 Hosea
9/16/2016 中秋節活動 Mid-Autumn Festival
9/23/2016 主題式查考聖經 Bible Study – topical
9/30/2016 工作坊 Workshop – 待確認 To be confirmed